D. Lytras
Dimitrios Lytras

Preferred stack & working enviroment

Javascript framework

React is essentially considered a view only library, but that's just semantics. It's my choice of Javascript framework since it feels closer to the metal, has less magic, promotes functional programming and has a great ecosystem.

Used in conjunction with Redux and Reach Router.

There's a case to be made about Vue, which handles routing and state management out of the box, but React is more fun to work with.

State management

For applications which need some data persistence, Redux does the job nicely. I prefer its approach of using a simple object for the state instead of observables.

It's downside of having to write quite some extensive boilerplate, can be alleviated by some of the excellent complimentary packages available.

React context API is another option, but at the time of writing I'm more familar with Redux.


In Javascript, how much strict you want to be is totally up to you. I preler more than a simple type-checking so I go full aboard with Typescript.

Obviously, not every codebase needs Typescript, but can it definitely help an ever-growing one.

In smaller projects, you can see me using Prop Types instead.

CSS approach

Hypocritically enough my website is built with Emotion, but my pick here is Styled Components.

Benchmarks aside, I don't use the full Emotion API so I settle for Styled Components most of the time.
Styled Components💅

Build tool

Webpack is a no-brainer for me. Provides huge performance boost when used wisely.


Even though ES6 has landed some awesome features, Lodash still has the right tool for any problem.

Code formatting

Less Pull Request reviews about semicolons, spacing, and text-wrapping. Prettier allows you to write however you feel comfortable, and then enforces a specific style so that everyone can be happy.


Can't get any better than Paul Irish's work on Google Chrome Dev Tools.


VSCode is everything I aspired Atom to be.

I use Fira Code as font and my very own Siemor theme.
VS Code

Issue tracker

Most of OSS community is on Github - no reason to look elsewhere.


Best build quality I ever encountered along with the most elegant OS.