Front-end Engineer

I'm a Javascript enthusiast passionate about web development.
Day-to-date I'm building demanding web applications using React & Redux, with a strong focus on UX and accessibility.
Working man


I'm self-motivated, confident working with new technologies and blessed to work on a field full of challenges.
I have worked in fast-paced environments, with different tech-stacks and processes.
Currently, I'm working on all things UI at Balena.


Working (remotely) on a variety of Javascript projects across the balena stack
ReactTypescriptStyled Components๐Ÿ’…Angular (1.6)NodeJsCoffeescriptDockerRaspberry Pi

Monospace Web Labs

Worked on back-office and mobile applications
ReactVueAngular (1.6)SassLaravel


Worked on the front-end part for e-commerce platforms


Internship in Microsoft stack


I love contributing to open-source projects as well as tinkering my own.
If I'm out of ideas, I spin off boilerplates with technologies I'm not actively using.
I'm also a contributor in Gatsby & Styled components

Wavvy Notes

A note taking SPA with Vue and Laravel as REST API

Dashboard example in React

Trying out React Context, with Firebase & Ant design

Dashboard example in Vue

Showcase form with advanced options

CSS Maid

Sorting CSS properties by type with React & Gonzales

PostCSS autocorrect

A PostCSS plugin which corrects and logs possible typos

PostCSS consistent space

A PostCSS plugin helping in maintaining consistent space units
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Javascript is the language I feel most comfortable with.
Over the years I've gained experience in various stacks, but I'm most involved in Javascript's ecosystem.
I also make a cracking cup of coffee at home but didn't have an icon for that.




CSS3Styled Components๐Ÿ’…PostCSSSassCSSNextBEMBootstrap


GitGatsbyGoogle AdsGhost
More about my preferred stack


I love experimenting and documenting my findings and struggles.
I also enjoy reading about personal development, and I post my thoughts here.
Here are my last three posts!

My quest for digital minimalism II

Taking proper action

The Dip

My personal takeaways after reading 'The Dip'

Avoiding props drilling

Cleaner React code with Context & Hooks
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