Working, working, working..

๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Dimitrios, a front-end engineer passionate about web development.

Day-to-day I'm building demanding web applications, with a strong focus on performance and user experience.


I believe in an inclusive and accessible web. I do my part by translating designs into responsive, interactive and performant pages with clean and semantic code.

For the past 4 years, I've worked in both start-ups and software houses, building and maintaining complex applications. I've gained experience in various stacks, but I love and am most involved in Javascript's ecosystem.

Static Websites
Web Applications
Mobile Applications with React Native
Performance & Accessibility
ReactGatsbyReduxJestWebpackVueNodeJsStyled Components๐Ÿ’…SassShopify

Work I'm proud of

As part of the Balena team, I had the privilege to work with Alexandra Pexider and build the marketing website from scratch.

A beautiful, fully responsive website with 20+ pages, versioned documentation functionality, and reusable components. The stack behind it is Gatsby, as well as Balena's own library of React components.

For a more thorough overview you can read about the project on Behance.

These screenshots are valid as of November 2019.

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